What is a biometric device and its features to use in different applications?

A biometric device is used in different government offices, private offices and many other places to get the biometric details of the individuals. The biometric device is mainly a security authentication and identification device which is using the automated methods. Such automated methods are mainly for recognising or verifying the identity of the living person according to their behavioural or physiological characteristics. Such characteristics include,

  • Facial images
  • Fingerprints
  • Voice recognition
  • Iris recognition 

Uses of the biometric devices:

Biometric devices are not a new concept because they have been used by humans for a longer period of time. Since 500 BC, the non-automated biometric devices have been used by several numbers of people mainly for the business transactions to be recorded on the clay tablets along with the fingerprints. In the 1960s only, the automation system would be introduced in the biometric devices with the invention of the indentimat which was really very helpful to check the fingerprints of the people for maintaining the criminal records. The first biometric device in India used to measure the length of the fingers and original shape of the hands. After the 1980s, the latest systems of the biometric devices have been introduced for accessing all kinds of user details for different purposes. Based on the characteristics of the human body, there are several models of biometric devices introduced in the market. 

  • Visual biometric devices
  • Chemical biometric devices
  • Behavioural biometric devices
  • Olfactory biometric devices
  • Auditory biometric devices

Types of biometric devices: 

Visual biometric devices – This kind of biometric device is highly very helpful to analyse the visual features of the people to grant access for something and it includes face recognition, iris recognition, retina recognition, and finger recognition.

Chemical biometric devices – It most probably analyses the segments of a particular person’s DNA in order to grant access for some purposes.  

Behavioural biometric devices – When you consider behavioural biometric devices, they are used to analyse the signatures and walking ability of humans to find the difference of such characteristics to every human. In the signature analysis, it helps to find the width of sign, velocity of sign, and also pressure of sign. 

Olfactory biometric devices – It analyses the odor to differentiate between the various users. 

Auditory biometric devices – This type of auditory biometric device analyses the voice of a person to find his or her identity for particular access control. If you are considering the biometric device price, they may vary from one type of device to another and also based on the brands. There are so many numbers of biometric device manufacturing companies currently available in the market. Don’t go for the local brands for the cheap cost and it is always suggested going to the top rated brands which are even costlier than others. If you want to save some money on buying biometric devices, you have to choose top 3 brands and compare their prices to pick the cheapest one for you.

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