Download Windows 11 Official ISO File V22000.65.210704

You can download the Windows 11 official ISO file V22000.65.210704 from here. before you download this Windows 11 OS file make sure that this is development version and it may have some bugs and performance issues. never install or test development version / builds on your current working systems that is having your personal or business data files. always try or test development version / builds of any software either OS / applications on spare systems or virtual machines. this file is being shared here just for education purpose. we are sharing this downloaded OS to support Microsoft by reporting bugs and performance issues by testing on multiple machines, also allowing users to test the new OS of Microsoft. We don’t have any copyrights or ownership of windows 11 software. Microsoft is the respective owner and reserved all the rights of this software. We don’t support to any kind of piracy of software. We strongly recommend user to buy license of any software that you trialed / tested and found good for you or you are using without license after trial period.

To download the Windows 11 official ISO file V22000.65.210704 click here.

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    August 18, 2021

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